Oldboy   3/21/15
by Gatsby
A great aspect of the film is that you can scenes such as the long-take hallway fight scene one and the scene with the ants crawling out of the body of Oh Dae Su.

Oldboy   2/17/14
by Cobpyth
I love it when risky moments in films succeed and I think risk is the source of some of the best film moments of all time.

Oldboy   3/27/13
by seanc
Oldboy is an amazingly directed film that is well worth your time.

Oldboy   1/05/13
by Daniel M
Unlike other films where violence is simply added for stylistic shock value, the uncomfortable scenes are here for a reason in what for me was one of the most emotionally powerful films I had seen in a while.

Oldboy   12/21/12
by JayDee
And if the film hadn't already achieved it in the previous 100 or so minutes the closing scenes ensure that this is a film that is going to stick with you.

Oldboy   9/11/05
by TheUsualSuspect
This is the second film by Park in series of revenge films.

Oldboy   9/26/04
by OG-
I've never seen a Chan-wook Park film, though I've read alot about him (I'm really getting into Asian cinema), but I feel like I need to now.

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