Take Shelter   2/21/16
by mark f
Eventually, he decides to upgrade a tornado shelter in his yard, and this begins to tear apart his family, but Curtis is compelled to do it to save his family from what he feels is an impending storm or perhaps even something approaching the Apocalypse.

Take Shelter   2/21/16
by MovieMeditation
All of the hallucinations and haunting visions appear a lot more real to us, which is further enforced by the way of which this dreamlike element is being worked into the plot slowly blurring the lines between reality and vision, slowly dragging us deeper into the mental state of Curtis, slowly fin...

Take Shelter   7/18/15
by rauldc14
Every scene he is in is memorable and there may be no scene more powerful this decade than his Lions Club scene shouting there is a storm coming.

Take Shelter   5/24/15
by Swan
Take Shelter is an incredibly, profoundly moving film for me on a deeply personal level, and I now regard it as my favorite film of all-time.

Take Shelter   3/13/13
by seanc
While I enjoyed many aspects of Take Shelter I didn't connect with it in the way I do in films I enjoy the most.

Take Shelter   4/29/12
by JayDee
All leading up to an almost excruciatingly uncomfortable scene inside the shelter were I really was fearing that the character was about to snap and cause harm to himself or his family.

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