Mank   4/12/21
by Thief
Much like the subject of the film, Mank is a technically sound film with lots of things on his favor, but an ultimately spotty script and a distant direction that just doesn't let the viewer get in its drift; particularly if you're not familiar with the context and backstory.

Mank   3/17/21
by GulfportDoc
The movie uses as a basis several actual facts: Mankiewicz did get to know Marion Davies, then William Randolph Hearst through the writer Charles Lederer who was Davies nephew; Mank may have been a house guest at Hearsts San Simeon (although Hearsts rule of no one having more than one cocktail like...

Mank   1/09/21
by Gideon58
The film reveals two primary sources for all the problems with getting the film made...Mankiewicz' antagonistic relationship with Hearst, which had a lot to do with Mank's relationship with Hearst's mistress, actress Marian Davies, and his relationship with Louis B Mayer, which became unglued when H...

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