Dracula   8/19/21
by Takoma11
But the gap between the characters in the novel and the interpretation in this film was just a bit too hard for me to reconcile.

Dracula   1/02/18
by Joel
Dracula is like that, only when you go back to it (it's a lengthy film) like I had to, it still remains hot and spicy, sizzling at the bone with a tender and textural satiation.

Dracula   10/30/15
by Iroquois
I haven't really bothered to watch much Coppola outside of his Big Four (with the exceptions being the underwhelming Rumble Fish, the tolerable The Godfather Part III, and the haven't-seen-it-since-the-age-of-seven Jack) but it sounded like Bram Stoker's Dracula might just be one of the most worthwh...

Dracula   9/07/15
by CiCi
With a terrific cast that managed to deliver some terrific performances, alongside one of the most respected film directors of all time, adapting one of the most iconic horror films of all time, it actually falls a little flat.

Bram Stoker's Dracula   4/16/09
by zedlen
If you can look past some corney effects, Keanu and Winona's poor acting and a few disjointed scenes this is a rich and passionate version of Dracula that is worth seeing.

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