The Power of the Dog   3/15/22
by Thief
The Power of the Dog challenges those notions as we see the ways that Phil interacts with other people, and even the way he thinks of himself.

The Power of the Dog   1/11/22
by Gideon58
During a respite while taking cattle to market, Phil, George, and their men stop at the Red Mill restaurant, which is run by a charming widow named Rose (Kirsten Dunst), who has a sensitive young artist son named Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee).

The Power of the Dog   12/19/21
by GulfportDoc
Two brothers who own a Montana ranch --Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), an intense and scruffy bully; and George (Jesse Plemons), the shy, mannered business tender of the ranch-- have a monkey wrench thrown into their well worn relationship when George falls for, and marries the widow Rose Gordon (K...

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