The Menu   10/25/23
by Torgo
Unpredictability is the name of the game here - a dinner down the rabbit hole, in other words - with the courses and the cast's varied and equally praiseworthy reactions to the craziness making the surprises even more fun and shocking (or in the case of Tyler, lack thereof since he hilariously buys ...

The Menu   9/23/23
by McConnaughay
The film is filled to the brim with sassy quips and one-liners, and although they may not make the film add up to anything wholly substantial, their dedication to their roles and the general charm of the film makes the 107 minute runtime go down easy.

The Menu   2/13/23
by ScarletLion
This film made me laugh alot.

The Menu   1/09/23
by Gideon58
The film is beautifully photographed featuring Oscar-worthy cinematography and film editing.

The Menu   11/26/22
by Takoma11
For a film with so many overt themes about social class consciousness, pushing all of the workers out of the narrative progression in favor of the wealthy customers and the famous chef seems kind of ironic.

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