The Conversation   9/06/15
by Gideon58
Harry's latest client, referred to here as "the director" (Robert Duvall), to conduct surveillance on a couple (Frederic Forrest, Cindy Williams) without knowing why and that seems to be OK with Harry since he's being paid $15,000 for his services and his silence, until his surveillance uncovers the...

The Conversation   5/08/14
by Jack1
However, I think it adds to the film's overall quality - thriller seems to recently have become a byword for ham-fistedness and poor-quality films, but putting more emphasis on the main character is something that seems to have been bypassed in recent years, and the emotional effects presented here ...

The Conversation   3/28/12
by JayDee
However as I've said before my scores are heavily influenced by my sheer enjoyment of a film, that gut feeling that reallly makes you take to a film, even if you can't particularly describe why.

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