The Mist   6/21/16
by Omnizoa
The first guy to die went out worse then that and the guy who killed her dies immediately after with his last words being an apology for KILLING THE EVIL HAG!

The Mist   11/07/13
by JayDee
Film Trivia Snippets - As I'll get to later on in this review The Mist features quite a striking and controversial ending; an ending which played a large part in the film's pre-production.

The Mist   5/10/12
by The Rodent
The entire premise of the film, though based around the Mist outside (and loosely told in the first paragraph of this review), is more of a psychological thriller with gory horror and mystery thrown into the background.

The Mist   3/02/10
by Sleezy
[i]The Mist[/i] is one of those films that forces me to evaluate my discomfort and admit to myself (or not) that it did its job and I should be satisfied.

The Mist   6/19/08
by TheUsualSuspect
The Mist is just as thrilling and scary and tense as you want it to be, yet it falls short in many areas, mostly out of frustration on my part.

The Mist   11/22/07
by OG-
...[i]The Mist[/i] is, hands down, contest over, thanks all who entered, the best horror film of the year Two Thousand and Seven.

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