Apollo 13   7/06/17
by Gideon58
Howard, always an actor's director, has assembled one of the best acting ensembles ever to deliver this story, an ensemble that serves the story and won the Screen Actor's Guild Award for Best Acting Ensemble.

Apollo 13   6/01/16
by Citizen Rules
That's the one stunning truth I learned from Ron Howard's tale of the ill fated Apollo 13 mission to the moon.

Apollo 13   4/27/15
by Fabulous
Apollo 13 is one my favourite Ron Howard movies.

Apollo 13   7/30/13
by JayDee
/// Due to his portrayal of Jim Lovell in the film, Tom Hanks was honoured by having an asteroid named after him; 12818 Tomhanks /// Before Tom Hanks came on board John Travolate turned down the role of Lovell, while Brad Pitt also turned down an offer to star in the film to make Se7en instead.

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