Die Hard   1/04/24
by Thief
When Die Hard opened in 1988, Hollywood's action craze had reached a peak with bunches of films featuring indestructible superheroes played by bulked up actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Die Hard   9/20/16
by Omnizoa
This is what I call a Die Hard Foil, it's essentially the premise of Die Hard repackaged to fit a television episode and it's a damn good episode, but no shortage of credit goes to Die Hard being a great premise to begin with.

Die Hard   8/25/16
by DalekbusterScreen5
Overall, Die Hard is pretty much the perfect action thriller movie.

Die Hard   12/26/15
by Iroquois
I obviously don't think it's particularly clever to refer to Die Hard as a Christmas movie but that isn't enough to stop me from forming my own Christmas tradition of watching Die Hard on Christmas Eve.

Die Hard   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Originally intended as a sequel to Arnold Schwarzeneggers Commando, and sticking closely to the original source material of Roderick Thorp's novel called Nothing Lasts Forever, Die Hard is an 80s action classic and also manages to be a Christmas favourite too.

Die Hard   7/09/13
by Masterman
Overall Die Hard is a fantastic movie, it's entertaining as F*** and it's a very cool movie, well McClane makes it cool but it all fits together.

Die Hard   6/13/13
by JayDee
And a whole lot of films have attempted it, many even mimicking Die Hard's template and just adapting it for a different location or setting; Die Hard on a Bus (Speed), Die Hard on a Navy vessel (Under Siege), Die Hard on a plane (Executive Decision) etc.

Die Hard   7/08/11
by Sexy Celebrity
But Die Hard is one hell of an action movie - beautiful on Blu-ray - full of adrenaline and testosterone and that big ape man himself, Bruce Willis, strutting around in a wife-beater and talking smack through a walkie talkie to the bad guys.

Die Hard   3/25/04
by John McClane
We all know what makes Christmas memorable; a bit of eggnog, a roaring fire, and a beautiful snow fall. It's a little bit different with New York officer John McClane though. His idea of Christmas is being trapped in a forty-story building with a handful of German terrorists.

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