Spider-Man   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Though grand in feel, its relatively low-key and short-but-sweet with a lot of the action but utilises the look and feel of a comic book brilliantly.

Spider-Man   9/24/13
by JayDee
Conclusion - It may now reside a touch in the shadow of both various films which followed in its wake and its own sequel, but the original Spider-Man film remains a very fun experience which helped to set the groundwork for all those films that followed.

Spider-Man   11/26/07
by meatwadsprite
Story : Many different characters are introduced throughout the movie : there's Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) the girl Peter has worshiped for his entire life , Harry Osbourn - Peter's best friend and Harry's father Norman Osbourn : who becomes the green goblin in order to save his company - but dosen't stop there.

Spider-Man   5/04/02
by Yoda
A film like this could benefit greatly from music of some sort, be it modern blood-pumping beats, or a symphony to give things an "epic" feel as they did in the film's jaw-dropping 2-minute trailer.

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