Dial M for Murder   9/10/19
by Gideon58
Ray Milland stars as Tony Wendice, a tennis pro disenchanted with his cheating wife, Margo (Grace Kelly) and has decided to get revenge by blackmailing an old college acquaintance named Lesgate (Anthony Dawson) into murdering Margo, offering him a portion of the money Tony would inherit from Margo's...

Dial M for Murder   9/02/16
by Citizen Rules
Director: Alfred Hitchcock Writers: Frederick Knott, Frederick Knott (stage play) Cast: Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings Genre: Crime Drama Romance

Dial M for Murder   4/25/16
by TheUsualSuspect
Things get a little convoluted once the issue of apartment keys come into play and I think it distracts from the actual film itself, but despite that, this film was a lot of fun.

Dial M for Murder   10/14/12
by Daniel M
The screenplay is superb, the film is 105 minutes long and largely takes place in one room, yet our interest is engaged for the full 105 minutes as we listen carefully to every line that is spoken.

Dial M for Murder   4/06/09
by meatwadsprite
I really don't like Hitchcock's films , I've seen some of his most hailed and they barely keep me interested - but for some reason I gave this a chance (just because it was on instantly viewable on netflix).

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