The Man from Nowhere   2/23/21
by Torgo
From the children who become orphans as a result of gang rivalries and the punishment they enact on thieves and betrayers to those like Tae-sik who lose the will to live while bringing the gangs to justice, the movie unflinchingly shows how the main product of their activities is discarded people.

The Man from Nowhere   1/16/21
by Takoma11
I watch this movie quite a lot, actually, but I always watch the last hour or so (for those who have seen it, I usually start watching at the nightclub scene).

The Man from Nowhere   1/11/21
by Thief
The Man from Nowhere follows Cha Tae-sik (Won Bin), a young man living a quiet live while running a pawnshop out of his apartment.

The Man from Nowhere   4/24/17
by Citizen Rules
The Man from Nowhere (2010) Ajeossi (original title) Director: Jeong-beom Lee Writer: Jeong-beom Lee Cast: Bin Won, Sae-ron Kim, Tae-hoon Kim Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller Language: Korean

The Man from Nowhere   1/13/17
by Camo
Anyway sorry for rambling i've barely even mentioned the action mostly because i'm not good at explaining what i liked about it.I thought it was a great idea not to show Cha Tae-sik fight until an hour in, even though when they finally did it was short and against nobodies it was still very effectiv...

The Man from Nowhere   10/08/15
by Iroquois
It may be directed and captured rather decently, but it's still infrequent enough that referring to The Man From Nowhere as an action movie seems a little disingenuous.

The Man from Nowhere   5/14/15
by foster
Were I to be less objective I would give this movie a 5/5, but the truth is that the beginning drags a little bit once our little girl gets kidnapped hold on to your popcorn!

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