Bicycle Thieves   4/25/18
by KeyserCorleone
That's what Italian neorealism is: it's the humanity of a man going through a time when humans need to and can be only that: human.

Bicycle Thieves   2/11/17
by Okay
"The Bicycle Thief" is an Italian film set after WWII, when the opportunity of employment is slim, a poor father has to find his stolen bicycle or else he will be fired from his job, and won't be able to feed his already struggling family.Thoughts:Since Italy was in such a poor shape post-war, the f...

Bicycle Thieves   9/12/16
by banality
Not interested in exploring films own rules, Bicycle Thieves has bad cinematography, inadequate cutting, and some happenings told rather than shown, but it's set of amateur actors are beyond criticism; an amateur is a lover, the word comes from 'love' (with all the caprices and difficulties of love)...

Bicycle Thieves   3/09/15
by Iroquois
I also liked how, despite the fact that a small child tags along and naturally acts out due to the thankless chore of being dragged around the city, the film is almost completely devoid of mawkish sentimentality - even a scene where father and son have a bonding moment in an eatery is still undercut...

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