Joker   6/05/20
by MovieMeditation
In the reality of the film, Arthur is a product of society, but in the realities of filmmaking, the society is a projection of Arthur.

Joker   3/03/20
by Citizen Rules
In the first hour of the film three key ingredients came together: a disturbing story of the ultimate underdog...and a music score that accentuated the emotions of the scenes...and the third key component is Joaquin Phoenix who in my opinion is the best actor working today.

Joker   12/09/19
by Gideon58
In the 1989 Tim Burton film, we were introduced to Jack Napier, an insane bad guy who killed Bruce Wayne's parents, but this character has been scrapped and reinvented by director and co-screenwriter Todd Phillips, the man behind the Hangover franchise, who has given the joker a new name, a new face...

Joker   10/13/19
by Isaiah90
People criticized the film for this Joker not fully embracing the evil and chaos in him like say Heath Ledgers Joker.

Joker   10/05/19
by Miss Vicky
As Joker, the man that was the downtrodden Arthur Fleck is confident and even joyful at times.

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