La dolce vita   4/18/21
by Thief
At the end of the film, Marcello doesn't seem to be any more closer to finding out about his life as he was at the beginning of the film, but he does seem to be more at peace with just not knowing where "the sweet life" will lead him.

La dolce vita   3/15/21
by Torgo
What I love the most about how the movie depicts Marcello's dilemma is that the portal into the kind of life Steiner lives is so close (yet far away) in the form of his devoted yet long-suffering fianc Emma and that it gets farther and farther away as the movie progresses until it closes completely ...

La dolce vita   2/14/21
by Takoma11
In a series of sequences that take place through nights and days that have indeterminate gaps of time between them, we follow the exploits of a journalist/newsman named Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) and especially his various interactions with and pursuits of different women, including his fiance,...

La dolce vita   12/22/17
by mark f
Fellini fashions his own completely-unique film about empty journalist Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) who follows other empty people around Rome and writes up their lives for the even emptier "regular people" to feed upon in a way to forget about their own lives.

La dolce vita   1/14/15
by Cobpyth
This film does a brilliant job at making the viewer understand the temptations that guide Marcello Mastroianni's character in the first place, but probably even more so the ultimate philosophical hangover he experpiences when he realizes he's wasting every bit of true potential within him.

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