A Ghost Story   8/01/23
by Omnizoa
After observing some Pre-American settlers killed and decomposed we find ourselves back in the house we started in and Main Ghost starts observing Main Ghost observing Main Girl.

A Ghost Story   11/05/18
by GrantD2
When I originally saw the trailers, though, I thought the concept of Casey Affleck's character actually wearing a sheet while playing a ghost was kind of silly, so I never watched it in theaters.

A Ghost Story   8/13/17
by ScarletLion
David Lowery's latest feels like a film that will be revered in 10 to 15 years time.

A Ghost Story   8/02/17
by Iroquois
Needless to say, it certainly proves to be about more than just Affleck's ghost hovering over Mara, though it definitely takes its time in focusing on that (with the film already gaining some notoriety for a protracted scene in which Mara spends several uninterrupted minutes eating a pie while the g...

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