3 Women   12/28/23
by KeyserCorleone
I can describe Altman's style with one movie scene from a non-Altman movie.

3 Women   9/20/23
by Gideon58
Altman initially challenges viewer patience here because as the film begins, what appears to be exposition seems to go on forever, but it turns out the detail that Altman puts into establishing the Millie character during the film's first half was essential in making the second half of the film work...

3 Women   4/20/23
The two women clash - Pinky is accident-prone and less sure of herself than Millie is, and when Millie brings Edgar home with her one night an argument ensues which leaves Pinky hurt by Millie's harsh words.

3 Women   9/15/18
by Citizen Rules
I haven't really liked any of the Robert Altman films I've seen, however I did love the first half of this film.

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