Batman & Robin   8/30/18
by KeyserCorleone
So, Batman and Robin are going to need a third wheel, because apparently the Batmobile lost one and the Joker ran away after he realized Schumacher's Batman is bull.

Batman & Robin   8/19/18
by cat_sidhe
Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin   2/22/16
by Optimus
Overall Batman And Robin is the worst Batman movie ive ever seen (including Animated).

Batman & Robin   6/22/15
by thatfilmbloguk
Batman himself is wise-cracking, witty and light-hearted - or at least is supposed to be - but anyone that has ever read a contemporary Batman comic or seen Burton's previous films will know that Batman isn't like that any more - maybe in the 1960s, but not in the 1990s.

Batman & Robin   5/16/07
by Sexy Celebrity
Batman and Robin's conflicts also include whether Batman will trust Robin enough to handle himself well and stay alive whenever they're out fighting.

Batman & Robin   2/08/06
by TheUsualSuspect
A lot of the scenes will make you laugh at how terrible they are.

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