The Batman   4/18/22
by Gideon58
In this new take on classic characters we've come to know and love, The Riddler begins methodically murdering important political figures in Gotham City, including the Mayor and as Batman is approached for assistance by Jim Gordon, he finds himself getting an up close and personal look into governme...

The Batman   3/25/22
by Grogu
However, if the film medium served to be the way Reeves truly wanted to deliver The Batman to audiences, if the Catwoman arc had been cut from the film and perhaps a good 15 minutes of the final act - the story would have had more time to breathe into its more engaging themes..

The Batman   3/14/22
by donniedarko
I've never been the biggest fan of comic book films but I did always find The Dark Knight , TDK Rises & The Joker fairly compelling special films.

The Batman   3/13/22
by Weasel
Their stories effect one another plot-wise, of course, and the same thing happens in The Batman, but they also have an emotional connective tissue scenes in The Batman lack.

The Batman   3/06/22
by ynwtf
This felt like Batman in Fincher's Se7en darkness, which was a nice change and made sense to move the "grit" bar forward, while pulling away from Nolan's work.

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