Darkest Hour   3/13/18
by Cynema De Bergerac
His primary aim behind the camera is to tilt the film into Oldmans favor, in an attempt to make his performance the key for the audience to appreciate Churchill.

Darkest Hour   3/08/18
by Citizen Rules
Or maybe it's Churchill burnout...I mean we've had 3 Winston Churchill features: Darkest Hour (2017), Churchill (2017) and The Crown (2016)...I've watched all of those and a kettle full of other Churchill documentaries and in my mind Gary Oldman didn't quite invibe the character of Churchill.

Darkest Hour   2/25/18
by Gideon58
His meeting with King George IV as he accepts the position of Prime Minister is probably his most humbling moment in the film, as Churchill's through line comes shining through...the only way to win this war is to fight, as opposed to entering peace negotiations, which is what the Parliament wants.

Darkest Hour   1/19/18
by ashdoc
Churchill's wife and children raise a toast for his elevation , but privately Churchill tells his wife that making him PM during Britain's darkest hour is like taking revenge .

Darkest Hour   1/12/18
by Sarge
I have seen many films, TV series and documentaries about Winston Churchill and his defiance of Hitler.

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