Life   5/01/19
by Chypmunk
Unfortunately though, whilst that life form would be truly terrifying in real life, on screen it just doesn't really convey that level of threat (one could even say it comes across as a damp squib) and whilst the film does admittedly manage occasional pockets of tension it never gets close to reachi...

Life   10/19/17
by TheUsualSuspect
Obviously the benchmark for this type of film is Alien and there was no way in space that this film was going to surpass that, so I'll try my best to refrain from comparing the two, even though they share a lot of similarities.

Life   7/17/17
by Gideon58
The film is about a team of scientists aboard an International Space Station who are researching the possibility of legitimate life form on Mars and manage to bring one such life form on board where it is cultivated and cared for and even named (Calvin), but the life form has the crew confused when ...

Life   6/30/17
by Citizen Rules
On board the international Space Station a team of scientist recover a probe sent to discover life on Mars.

Life   3/31/17
by ashdoc
It's ultimate survival however depends on oxygen and the crew tries to lock it outside the spaceship....unsuccessfully , as the too smart predator finds a way to enter even though one crew member has sacrificed her life for keeping it out .

Life   3/30/17
by Sarge
This is a film about a multi national research crew in space that are tasked with obtaining some samples from Mars and analysing it for life forms.

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