The Florida Project   7/06/19
by Citizen Rules
So, I finally watched the entire movie and found out the first 15 minutes was just like the rest of the movie...The Florida Project plays like a 2 hour long selfie, or some home made video where little kids act way more silly than usual.

The Florida Project   2/26/19
by pahaK
There's no real story in The Florida Project as it just follows Moonee's summer.

The Florida Project   2/08/19
by MovieMeditation
Having the children in the middle of it, especially her own daughter, really emphasized the themes of the movie, and it was also here the film really founds its strength and also utilizes the children properly in my opinion.

The Florida Project   6/08/18
by donniedarko
Sean Baker's The Florida Project is an innovative film, brilliantly bringing the audience into the lives of the poor American.

The Florida Project   4/22/18
by Joel
The Florida Project centers around a stripper who is "raising" her little girl while living in a motel.

The Florida Project   3/03/18
by Gideon58
I liked the way the story began with the children and then expanded into a look at their parents and the lives of everyone in the housing project, but Baker's pacing of the story is a little too leisurely, making these children initially very unappealing but when the way their parents are living is ...

The Florida Project   1/23/18
by rauldc14
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