Corpse Bride   10/02/15
by MovieMeditation
You would think that these worlds would remain separated, but that is only until Victor comes up with a smart way to victory, by fooling the dead into having the wedding between him and the corpse bride on the top floor also known as the land of the living.

Corpse Bride   12/23/10
by MovieMad16
Its an interesting idea and The Character Of The Corpse Bride is a sad character in which sad things happen to her.

Corpse Bride   1/02/08
by The Gnat
One could want there to be more depth, but Burton has made this film to be mainly entertaining and not much profound about it, so a simple, entertaining story is a good thing.

Corpse Bride   10/13/05
by TheUsualSuspect
If you're looking for great animation and musical numbers, then Corpse Bride is the film for you, other-wise the story is kinda of dead.

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