Rain Man   11/28/15
by Pelicula Pelican
The film is about the bonding of the two siblings during a six day road trip, but perhaps the strongest quality of the film is Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of a man living with autism.

Rain Man   4/30/15
by Iroquois
The interplay between Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman as a pair of very different brothers is what drives the plot, especially Cruise's selfish motivation to acquire his late father's multimillion-dollar inheritance that is otherwise going to go to Hoffman, who is an institutionalised savant who is un...

Rain Man   8/16/13
by Gideon58
Investigating the trust, Charlie is shocked to learn about a brother named Raymond (Dustin Hoffman)who he never even knew existed, who is autistic and institutionalized.

Rain Man   4/21/13
by Sexy Celebrity
The meaning behind "Rain Man" is that it's how a young Charlie Babbitt (played by Tom Cruise when he's older) pronounced his brother's name, Raymond, one time when they met before many years and years later, after Charlie grew up and forgot that he even had a brother.

Rain Man   10/12/12
by JayDee
Speaking of Charlie's frustration, one other thing the film really did was make me appreciate even more the incredible efforts and sacrifices people have to make in terms of having contact with people like Raymond.

Rain Man   9/26/12
by The Rodent
Jealous and upset, he visits his brother in the hope that he can maybe twist him into giving up the inheritance and to investigate this disturbing turn of events, but finds out that Raymond is a Savant, or Autistic if you will, and he takes Raymond on his now un-cancelled trip across America to redi...

Rain Man   3/10/12
by TylerDurden99
The story of Charlie Babbitt kidnapping his autistic brother Raymond, who he has never met, for a portion of his inheritance is the center of one of the greatest films ever made.

Rain Man   1/01/09
by meatwadsprite
As I said before , it's also shot very well - my only real complaint against this film is that is reuses the scene of Raymond's (Hoffman) paranoia about 3 or 4 times.

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