Super 8   7/18/16
by BraedenG33
The film does save the final reveal until the very end which is something Abrams is known for and it pays off as even though the design for the monster in the film itself wasn't terribly amazing, the circumstances definitely made it pay off.

Super 8   12/14/15
by Iroquois
For a film that is primarily dependent on following a group of kids, things could have been worse - at least there's two or three kids who are interesting (especially the chubby director kid whose insistence on finishing his zombie movie at all costs does prove to be more engaging than the protagoni...

Super 8   2/11/12
by The Rodent
On the creatures heels are Army and Government types who (unbeknown to the group of kids), are also after whoever filmed the crash as one of the head-honchos has found a film box left behind at the crash site.

Super 8   6/10/11
by MovieMan8877445
Seeing this last night just really brought me back to my childhood. It actually might not deserve as high of rating as Iím giving it, but thereís just such a strong nostalgia to it for me that I have to.

Super 8   6/08/11
by Holden Pike
The middle school-aged kids in the narrative are making a no-budget zombie movie-within-the-movie, and sadly its intentionally cheesy dialogue and characters are not far off from what goes on in the "real" story.

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