Flags of Our Fathers   11/14/15
by Iroquois
This does get a little confusing as the film takes most of its running time to establish the person looking to collect the stories of what happened, which does make it feel underweight when it reaches a conclusion in the most recent time period where these heroes have aged out of their supposedly glorious youths.

Flags of Our Fathers   11/04/06
by TheUsualSuspect
You'll have a war scene, then you'll come back to the men being praised by Americans, then back to a war scene, and we're back to the men being praised by Americans....

Flags of Our Fathers   10/17/06
by Holden Pike
Flags of Our Fathers has plenty to recommend seeing it, but it is flawed and simply isn't one of Eastwood's best works nor does it rank with the greatest War films.

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