Manchester by the Sea   1/07/23
by donniedarko
I have a wide range of thoughts on this film that I'm struggling to put into words, so excuse me if this is a bit rambly.

Manchester by the Sea   2/12/18
by Citizen Rules
Anytime an actor can nail a performance, the movie will get high marks in my book, and Casey Affleck won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance here.

Manchester by the Sea   6/02/17
by rauldc14
Obviously with the writing and screenplay being a major force it wasn't necessarily imperative to have completely stellar performances for the film to work, but it's strong performances are what in my opinion is able to take the film to the next level.

Manchester by the Sea   2/10/17
by Gideon58
I think Casey Affleck deserves the Oscar that has alluded him up to this point with a beautifully controlled and internalized performance that provides some truly shocking and explosive moments because of the actor's control of his performance, which I'm sure director Lonergan (who also makes a brie...

Manchester by the Sea   2/01/17
by Inconceivable
There is also a lot of humour going on for such a tragic film, and it works perfectly since it balances everything out, and it definitely doesn't take anything away from the emotional scenes in fact I believe it makes them much more impactful, I mean there's one specific scene between Casey Affleck ...

Manchester by the Sea   1/29/17
by MovieMeditation
Lonergan has maintained a relatively high level for all his films up until now, but if 'Manchester by the Sea' can hit the same wave of success as his earlier films, without either succumbing to high expectations or overflowing with ambition in forced frustration, is one pretty good question.

Manchester by the Sea   1/26/17
by TheUsualSuspect
Well, Manchester By The Sea doesn't have any of those scenes.

Manchester by the Sea   12/03/16
by skizzerflake
Starring Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, Michelle Williams as Randi Chandler, Lucas Hedges as Patrick Chandler and Kyle Chandler as Joe Chandler, the film was directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan.

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