Mildred Pierce   5/28/20
by MovieMeditation
Somehow, I kept reading the title of the movie as Mildred Piece, which in a way still makes sense, since Mildred is persistently giving Vida a piece of her heart only to have that very heart pierced by Vida with every attempt she makes.

Mildred Pierce   4/14/18
by Gideon58
The film opens with a murder and it is the investigation into said murder that leads to an unexpected story of a mother who would do anything for a daughter who so doesn't deserve the mother she has.

Mildred Pierce   3/13/18
by Citizen Rules
That's the mystery, that's the rub and Mildred Pierce has several sub stories running along with the main theme that makes this movie a master piece.

Mildred Pierce   2/14/15
by Iroquois
Occupying a strange grey area between noir and melodrama, Mildred Pierce is nonetheless a good film.

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