Unforgiven   7/25/20
by Citizen Rules
The film takes the myth of the old west, a myth that Eastwood himself helped to make, and deconstructs that myth and shows it to be mostly the stuff of idle talk that turned into folk legend.

Unforgiven   11/04/15
by Iroquois
While the most obvious subversion of the Western genre would definitely be scenes featuring an iconic Western actor like Eastwood failing at even the most basic cowboy tasks such as firing a gun or mounting a horse, the deconstruction naturally runs a little deeper than that.

Unforgiven   7/07/14
by mrtylerdurden
Other than some characters that weren't written too well and some stiff dialogue, Unforgiven is a good film.

Unforgiven   8/07/12
by JayDee
Oscar Wins: Best Picture / Best Director - Clint Eastwood / Best Supporting Actor - Gene Hackman / Best Film Editing Oscar Nominations: Best Actor - Clint Eastwood / Best Art Direction / Best Cinematography / Best Writing / Best Original Screenplay Plot At a whorehouse in the town of Big Whiskey t...

Unforgiven   4/04/12
by The Rodent
All in all, it's by far one of the best westerns, and most importantly one of the best overall films to have ever been made.

Unforgiven   4/12/09
by The Prestige
Anybody who has watched a Clint Eastwood film will almost certainly have seen Unforgiven.

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