Hardcore Henry   6/15/19
by Omnizoa
It might have been one thing if this movie tried to thrive on constant brutal intensity which movies like Speed and Fury Road did so well, it even sits itself up in this manner, literally telling Henry that he'll die in 20 minutes just as the movie begins to rev up, but that conflict is shortly reso...

Hardcore Henry   9/27/18
by aronisred
The whole movie feels like it is made by a Russian guy who is much more interested in Hollywood movies his whole life more than his local film industry and is interested in making his version of how a Hollywood movie should be.

Hardcore Henry   8/14/16
by Iroquois
The concept of an action movie that is filmed entirely from the perspective of its protagonist is liable to inspire intrigue and skepticism.

Hardcore Henry   4/12/16
by TheMaster
If you think Hard-Boiled (or any John Woo film for that matter) or Die Hard, or literally any action film you think can't be topped, well from here on out the bar has been set to Manhattan skyscraper level, and that film is called Hardcore Henry.

Hardcore Henry   4/12/16
by AngusMcGregor
'Hardcore Henry' is an action film that is shot entirely in first person as if in like a video game.

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