Hacksaw Ridge   3/03/17
by Citizen Rules
I've seen plenty of war movies, some bad, some good, but it's hard to believe Mel Gibson thought his battle scenes were exciting or realistic.

Hacksaw Ridge   2/20/17
by Gideon58
Once it was clear that Doss was going to be allowed into combat without rifle training, the story becomes a little pat and contrived as Doss' indispensable role in the battle at Hacksaw Ridge does defy credibility to a degree, but in terms of movie entertainment, it made for an emotionally charged s...

Hacksaw Ridge   2/19/17
by JayDee
It may not revolutionise the war film but it is a damn solid addition to the genre and the plethora of World War II movies in existence.

Hacksaw Ridge   1/28/17
by Nazcar
However, Gibson masterfully grasps the need to make the war intense for the audience to sense the intensity and importance of the war battle against Japan on Hacksaw Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge   12/04/16
by TheUsualSuspect
Doss' life pre-war, Doss' life training for war and of course the actual war itself.

Hacksaw Ridge   11/06/16
by Iroquois
There are significant flaws within Hacksaw Ridge that can be noted both during the film and upon subsequent reflection, but it ultimately comes out on top thanks to Gibson's uncompromising sense of craft and ability to (mostly) walk a fine line between earnest commemoration of its subject and unflin...

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