Battle Royale   6/26/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
speaking of example how come all those 40 students were surprised and it was obvious they have never heard about Battle Royale, except one student who said he is the survivor of the previous battle

Battle Royale   8/22/15
by CiCi
The vast majority are deeply tragic, and having left secondary school not so long ago, these characters represented the vast majority of people frighteningly well, and considering Japan and England are very different places, I guess that just emphasises the ability of the writer, Kenta Fukasaku, in creating youths who we can all identify and empathise with (although on the other hand, teenagers probably encounter similar problems regardless of location), it probably impacted on me so powerfully as well, because I personally found school to be like the seventh circle of hell on so so many occasions, and one character's loneliness and desperation to fit in really hit home, and I don't think a film has related to me in such a personal way ever before.

Battle Royale   7/27/15
by Iroquois
Another day, another favourite film - this time it's Battle Royale, the instant cult classic that spun a darkly fun little film out of a well-worn sci-fi trope by building a dystopian world where the Japanese government's plan to crack down on growing socio-economic problems such as unemployment and juvenile delinquency is to...randomly choose one class of middle-school students each year to be placed on an island and forced to compete in "Battle Royale", where they must fight to the death until there is only one student remaining.

Battle Royale   9/03/05
by TheUsualSuspect
This movie is so extreme that it makes you think from the very beginning that even the two main characters, Boy #15 and Girl #15, may die at any point in this film.

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