La La Land   10/27/18
by Diehl40
At various points in film history, they were so common that almost every movie had a song and dance number (even the Marx Brothers); however in resurrecting this old genre I believe that Chazelle has brought a breath of fresh air back into on old format.

La La Land   4/28/17
by Citizen Rules
I love the way they have the 'world' of La La Land decked out with icons of past movie stars and styling clues that makes the film seem like a 40s retro piece.

La La Land   2/20/17
by MovieMad16
The gorgeous colours of the sky, the night scenes, a tour across alternative spots of LA, as well as grasping what makes LA, well, LA.

La La Land   2/18/17
by DalekbusterScreen5
La La Land was perhaps the biggest audience I'd been in for a film since 2012's film adaptation of Les Miserables.

La La Land   2/07/17
by Gideon58
Damian Chazelle, the creative force behind Whiplash has provided musical lovers with the ultimate valentine to their passion, an exquisitely mounted valentine to the genre called La La Land, which breaks all the rules of contemporary filmmaking but strictly adheres to the rules of making movie musicals.

La La Land   1/10/17
by rauldc14

La La Land   12/11/16
by ashdoc
Though I review Bollywood musicals all the time ( for almost all Bollywood movies are musicals ) , I am finding out that trying to review a Hollywood musical is difficult .

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