The Accountant   11/11/17
by dadgumblah
Full of action, great acting, and nice pacing, this movie has twists you may not see coming (I didn't---well, maybe one), and never lets up till the end.

The Accountant   7/24/17
by Gideon58
Director Gavin O'Connor takes a great deal of care in mounting Bill Dubuque's extremely intricate screenplay that might take a little too much time in setting up Christian's childhood as an autistic savant and how it affected his relationship with his family, but once the story gets going, the viewe...

The Accountant   11/05/16
by skizzerflake
In the story, Affleck plays Christian Wolff, a high-functioning, autistic, forensic accountant.

The Accountant   10/19/16
by ashdoc
Ben Affleck plays an accountant who was diagnosed as autistic since childhood , but possesses extremely high intelligence .

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