Deepwater Horizon   10/13/17
by Citizen Rules
Then when we finally get to the big oil rig there's more filler...with on the job, derp dialogue, that was spoken so fast and with such fast edits and crappy hand held camera work that I got nothing out of it, other than the oil well wasn't right.

Deepwater Horizon   7/18/17
by TheUsualSuspect
The second of three films in which Berg and Wahlberg recreate tragic American history, the other two being Lone Survivor and Patriot's Day.

Deepwater Horizon   10/04/16
by NextScorsese
The last film the Wahlberg and Berg made together was Lone Survivor, and while I did like that movie a lot, I had a huge problem with Bergs directing style, it felt like he was trying to make a movie, not tell the story of brave men who tragically died.

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