Doctor Strange   5/19/22
by CeeGee Reviews
Aside from the Thor films, most Marvel films have taken place in the real world and while they had great visuals, I always wondered what more could be done.

Doctor Strange   3/12/19
by KeyserCorleone
I've mentioned before that Marvel has gotten to be the hottest topic in this modern world's culture, so unelievably huge that the executives at Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios know that now they can take lesser-known and even obscure heroes and make movies that will top the box office for a time be...

Doctor Strange   8/07/17
by dadgumblah
Another character joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he's a longtime comic book character from Marvel that was due his own movie.

Doctor Strange   11/28/16
by TheUsualSuspect
Doctor Strange is another generic entry into the Marvel franchise, but those generic entries are still pretty damn entertaining.

Doctor Strange   11/19/16
by Evan_Wheatley
The bizarre visuals, dialogue and character interactions of Doctor Strange would not work without strong performances, and for this film, Marvel was able to enlist a plethora of quality talent.

Doctor Strange   10/31/16
by Iroquois
Given how much Doctor Strange is concerned with paradoxes regarding time and space, it almost seems fitting that it's the film to really hammer home how much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is built upon a cinematic paradox.

Doctor Strange   10/27/16
by PeterVincent
As a fan of the character (one of the few times I've read almost everything I can before seeing the movie), I enter Doctor Strange with a little bias.

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