Apocalypse Now   1/13/21
by mark f
The Redux version does add what I consider to be satirically-hilarious scenes involving a surfboard and a beautiful visual explanation of what happened to one of the main characters, but I think the original is too long as it is, so I'd watch the original first.

Apocalypse Now   10/04/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
I can appreciate the art that goes into creating a war film (in that sense, this film is truly outstanding, with the atmosphere and cinematography creating a horrifying descent into a sweaty hell) but on the a story side, Im yet to see one that really gets me there.

Apocalypse Now   3/17/15
by Plan B
Without trying to spoil anything for those who haven't seen the film, throughout Willard's journey on the boat, it becomes a possibility that Kurtz and Willard are past and future representations of one another in some way.

Apocalypse Now   8/31/14
by Captain Spaulding
When I think of the greatest films ever made, I think of the films that fill me most with awe and reverence.

Apocalypse Now   6/20/14
by kkl10
This is a 1979 movie so it's difficult to pass fair judgement about its originality, but the fact is several scenes are insipid, seemingly pointless and slightly confuse me about the real message that the movie is trying to convey.

Apocalypse Now   5/15/14
by Jack1
Like all war films - although this is also a drama about the effects of war itself - it's dark.

Apocalypse Now   3/15/14
by The Gunslinger45
Now quite a few people have debated whether this film is an anti war film or a glorification of war.

Apocalypse Now   12/31/13
by Nostromo87
Francis Ford Coppola almost lost his mind, Martin Sheen almost died from a heart attack while filming, Marlon Brando showed up to the set in the Philippines without reading the script or the book it was based upon, Heart of Darkness.

Apocalypse Now   4/09/13
by JayDee
In terms of numerous technical aspects (direction, editing, cinematography) however I do think that it is an exceptionally well-made film; it's just that I wasn't particularly taken with the film that ended up getting made.

Apocalypse Now   9/30/12
by Daniel M
Watching the Redux version I can certainly understand the criticisms that people have for the film with two scenes, the second meeting with the playmates and the dinner conversation with the French family seeming odd and out of place as well as lengthening the film without little contribution howeve...

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