Jack Frost   3/16/19
by Citizen Rules
And when they find the first victim in the rocking chair and the chair is rocking back and forth, back and forth...then at the end of the scene the Sheriff tells his deputy "you can take your foot off the rocking chair now."

Jack Frost   1/31/19
by ahwell
The opening takes way too long with introducing the characters and then zooms past as the dad and son do all their adventures when he's a snowman.

Jack Frost   9/23/18
by HashtagBrownies
The fact that it look more like plastic than snow, the fact that he moves in the film about as much as an actual snowman.

Jack Frost   9/16/18
by TheUsualSuspect
The next sequence is the most famous part of the film, the snowman rapes her for comedic effect.

Jack Frost   9/10/18
by pahaK
Technical aspects aren't that important in films like this but just for the record they're terrible: acting reminds me of some high school plays, script lacks wit completely, only a handful of shots look half decent and there's a special prize for the worst fake snow I remember seeing in movies.

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