Batman Begins   6/01/18
by aronisred
The movie deals with the origins of Batman in a way that is unique to the character and has much more depth than any other superhero movie.

Batman Begins   8/27/16
by Diehl40
It is a shame that Nolan seems to have stopped with three movies, but perhaps it is best as a TV series such as "Gotham" Where you have much more potential to introduce and develop the amount of characters required to tell the batman story.

Batman Begins   7/17/16
by BraedenG33
Following the failure of Batman & Robin, Christopher Nolan brought Batman back in a whole new way, never seen before on film (as most of the films before were much campier and comic book-ish, for better or worse, than Nolan's adaptation).

Batman Begins   11/01/15
by Iroquois
Batman Begins kind of gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to discussing Christopher Nolan's trilogy of films dedicated to bringing the caped crusader to life.

Batman Begins   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Borrowing from the source material (the comics) and some of Burtons Batman too, mixing in a few new things and an updated selection of Bat-Gadgets on the Utility-Belt, Batman Begins really hits the nail on the head on how to make a super-hero movie.

Batman Begins   1/30/14
by JayDee
In contrast I felt that Begins managed to find the best balance for a Batman film between the dark and gritty tone of the character, whilst still retaining the colourful and pulpy nature that should be inherent in a comic book movie.

Batman Begins   5/10/11
by meatwadsprite
Batman Begins 2005

Batman Begins   11/30/10
by TylerDurden99
Batman Begins is much better than the previous Batman films (bar Batman Returns) and has a much darker tone.

Batman Begins   10/19/08
by meatwadsprite
The batmobile scene is an example of the excitement pumped through the story's fast paced structure and it keeps Batman Begins from ever falling into cheesy territory of the first batman movies.

Batman Begins   10/28/05
by TheUsualSuspect
The film is a great restart for a new franchise, which is undoubtedly going to get better and better...

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