It Follows   5/19/21
by Thief
I wish the film would've been more clearer with the connections to Jay's father (which were never clear to me), I wish the film was a bit more edgy, I wish Mitchell would've dared to push his limits a bit further.

It Follows   11/19/17
by Omnizoa
The ending shows a person following both Douchebag and Boyfriend #3 at some distance before a hard cut to black, so at the very least we have several possible canon endings, and this is assuming that The Follower only targets those in the direct chain of transmissions, and not tangential transmissio...

It Follows   12/28/15
by CiCi
This is also one of those cases where not knowing anything about the creature hugely works in the film's favour (like with 'The Thing' although I still maintain that that film left way too many unanswered questions ) for all we end up knowing is how destructive it has the potential to be, and that ...

It Follows   10/21/15
by TheUsualSuspect
We don't see it yet, but we know that some bad is about to happen.The premise behind It Follows is genius for the horror genre.

It Follows   8/01/15
by Iroquois
Though It Follows does a reasonably good job at generating suspense on the basis of its simple yet inventive premise, it still opens itself up to the same criticisms that affected many of the films from which it draws inspiration.

It Follows   4/11/15
by The Gunslinger45
A film in limited release advertised as a horror film that was described on Rotten Tomatoes as a nightmare journey.

It Follows   4/04/15
by mrtylerdurden
Not a perfect film, but still a refreshing horror flick that stands out from the typical modern horror film.

It Follows   3/27/15
by skizzerflake
It Follows is a very low budget indie film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell (who?).

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