Room   1/15/17
by Gideon58
The story opens on Jack's 5th birthday so some quick math reveals that Joy was imprisoned in this shed for two years before giving birth to Jack and that Jack has never been exposed to anything outside of this shed and hasn't really missed anything because Joy has made it her mission to make Jack th...

Room   3/08/16
by Iroquois
Jack has lived his entire life inside this room and sees it as an entire world full of wonder and detail, but much of that is an effort by Ma to help her son unknowingly cope with one objectively horrible situation.

Room   1/28/16
by ShadowMatt
The best part of the movie is in the acting, particularly the young Jack (played by Jacob).

Room   12/17/15
by Zotis
The synopsis is that Larson, the mom, and Tremblay, her 5-year-old son, have been living in a small room for years.

Room   11/15/15
by skizzerflake
In those years Ma has done everything she can to give Jack some sort of life inside that 10 foot room, while dealing with Old Nick, who is both her captor and the person that supplies Ma and Jack with the necessities of some sort of life.

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