Ace in the Hole   1/24/20
by Diehl40
News of the fantastic, human interest stories that border on gossip and outright lies, too headlines that draw you into a story only to disappoint when you realize that the story has little or nothing to do with the headline.You really cannot blame the media for this phenomenon, but rather we must b...

Ace in the Hole   11/12/18
by KeyserCorleone
And when he goes in to help the man, he stalls the rescue long enough to make it big in the paper's, totally oblivious to the fact he may be putting that man in more danger.

Ace in the Hole   4/16/16
by Citizen Rules
Director: Billy Wilder Writers: Billy Wilder, Lesser Samuels Cast: Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Robert Arthur Genre: Film Noir

Ace in the Hole   3/22/16
by Nope1172
Ace in the Hole stars Kirk Douglas as a journalist who capitalizes on the unfortunate state of a man trapped in a mineshaft.

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