The Last Picture Show   5/16/20
by MovieMeditation
But the little moments leading up to all this just didnt work for me much and the coming of age stuff was only interesting to me when it was coming to an end when finally reflected upon it began to resonate with me, but we were past the halfway point by then and it was a little too late for me (sort...

The Last Picture Show   11/26/16
by Citizen Rules
Instead of character development or a strong story, the movie relies on shocking (for 1971) full frontal nudity scenes, that are spliced into the movie for no other reason than to cover Bogdanovich's weak script.

The Last Picture Show   10/29/08
by mark f
In-joke: There's a movie poster in this film's Royal Theater of Ford's Wagon Master (1950), a film which gave Johnson his first lead role.

The Last Picture Show   8/15/04
by SamsoniteDelilah
By contrast, Jacy (Cybill Shepard's debut role) is the only pretty girl in town, invited to all the wild parties and the object of desire of every man who sees her (and I'm not sure but I think Eileen Brennan's character kinda liked her, too), but she is having no fun.

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