Whiplash   1/31/15
by mrtylerdurden
Every time that Andrew starts drumming in front of Fletcher, I tensed up, hoping that he would hit every note perfectly, hoping that he wouldnt do anything wrong, so that he could avoid Fletchers wrath, and not be the one in the wrong.

Whiplash   1/28/15
by War of the Movies
The acting was great, from everybody; the storyline was excellent, I was captivated from the beginning until the end, the pace of the movie was just right, not the same opinion of Fletcher about Andrew tempo in the movie!

Whiplash   1/13/15
by JayDee
In amongst all the massive event movies (Interstellar), issues movies (Selma), technical marvels (Birdman) and awards bait (Theory of Everything) that are jostling for Oscar nominations one smaller, unassuming film seems to have shot up the outside and become the darling of many a viewer; Damien Cha...

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