Nightcrawler   5/27/18
by aronisred
All these are very low profile movies which are dumped in September or in summer.Oscar campaign is a very expensive affair and if a movie isn't making bank at box office , studios aren't gonna spend anymore money to campaign for the movies and also the movies have to be edgy without being preachy an...

Nightcrawler   10/27/16
by Evan_Wheatley
Bloom presents his first clip of footage to local TV news station director Nina Romina (Rene Russo), who describes her stations newscast as, a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut.

Nightcrawler   8/18/16
by Gideon58
Jake Gyllenhaal, cast brilliantly against type, plays Louis Bloom, an unemployed techno geek who happens upon a traffic accident one night and learns from a freelance crime journalist (Bill Paxton) on the scene that he is about to sell the footage to the news station that will pay him the most for i...

Nightcrawler   10/31/15
by Nazcar
This is a film which received publicity via a brief picture of Jake Gyllenhaal joining the method actors club with the changed weight loss appearance(i.e.

Nightcrawler   4/04/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
Bloom witnesses a car accident one evening and sees some amateur cameramen capturing footage of the wreckage, Bloom thinks he can do better, and he stops at nothing to achieve that.

Nightcrawler   2/14/15
by Iroquois
Even though you can probably guess how Gyllenhaal's obsession with his job will escalate out of control over the course of the movie, you don't particularly care as it plays out against some impressively shot night-time sequences (it helps that Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit is on hand ...

Nightcrawler   1/03/15
by JayDee
Film Trivia Snippets - To prepare to inhabit the role of Lou Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal dropped 20 pounds.

Nightcrawler   1/03/15
by MovieMeditation
Blooms carelessness quickly makes him notorious at a local TV station of which is lead by an editor, who herself, is also desperately in need of someone like Bloom to raise her ever-reducing ratings And just as Bloom rolls out, the money rolls in.

Nightcrawler   12/13/14
by TheUsualSuspect
With a memorable soundtrack, slick direction and a script that deserves awards, Nightcrawler is one of the best films of the year.

Nightcrawler   11/13/14
by ashdoc
The film begins with Louis ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) committing outright crimes of the petty variety---like stealing a security guard's watch after assaulting him and stealing a bicycle and selling both to raise money .

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