Stand by Me   7/08/21
by Takoma11
Hanging over the boys are their challenging home lives and a gang of older boys (led by a sadistic Kiefer Sutherland) who may also be interested in the body.

Stand by Me   6/20/19
by Citizen Rules
I've been to one of the areas where they filmed, Cottage Grove Oregon...and having a connection to a locale in the film always helps me feel more connected to it.

Stand by Me   4/01/13
by JayDee
Film trivia Keifer Sutherland later claimed in an interview that at one of the locations they filmed at, a Renaissance Fair was taking place and that many of the film's cast and crew attended and bought some cookies.

Stand by Me   9/26/12
by The Rodent
Back up comes in the form of Bradley Gregg, Gary Riley, the great Marshall Bell, Casey Siemaszko and Kiefer Sutherland as the leader of a group of bad boys that Chris' brother is part of.

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