Fury   4/11/15
by Citizen Rules
Out of a tank pops the hero, Brad Pitt locked in hand to hand combat with a German soldier.

Fury   11/06/14
by ashdoc
To be honest it was a bit distressing to see the supposedly decent soldiers of a supposedly civilized nation like the United States practically coming to the point of rape on German women---only to be stopped from doing so by Brad Pitt....and even he kind of forces Lerman to have sex with a young Ge...

Fury   11/02/14
by Daniel M
The film lacks (almost) any kind of morality or human balance that make the most powerful war pieces so fascinating and aside from Logan Lerman's young character, each other member of the tank 'Fury' are lazily constructed caricatures that give you no reason to empathise or feel any kind of emotion ...

Fury   10/26/14
by mrtylerdurden
Fans of war films won't be as critical of me, so if you like Brad Pitt or war movies, then I would suggest you go to see Fury.

Fury   10/20/14
by TheUsualSuspect
A typist, who has never seen the war on the front lines, never killed man, never even fired a gun, is thrown into the tank, that these men call Fury.

Fury   10/17/14
by skizzerflake
In Fury, Brad Pitt is Wardaddy a tough veteran captain of a tank crew that has survived North Africa and D-Day and fought its way far into Germany.

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