The Terminator   9/05/22
by BrianThompson
The main character/hero of the movie is, as the title says, the Terminator; a lone cybernetic organism sent from the future into the past with one mission - to try to ensure the survival of its kind by stopping the event that leads its kind to being exterminated by humans in the future, the birt...

The Terminator   6/08/17
by TheUsualSuspect
The best example of his talents are when the Terminator and Kyle Reese first meet Sarah Connor in Tech Noir, the dance club.

The Terminator   7/17/16
by BraedenG33
T2 is a significantly more important film in the scope of cinema history with how it revolutionized visual effects (liquid metal), and while the effects are better and the action is bigger, I feel like the first Terminator film is better, in that it's narrative is much tighter and more concise, and ...

The Terminator   6/29/15
by Iroquois
With Terminator Genisys coming out later this week, I made a plan to re-watch all four Terminator films in the lead-up to its release (even the last couple, but you'll hear about that when I get to those).

The Terminator   1/07/15
by hello101
Kyle Reese is as determined as the T-800 to stop its goal of termination and Sarah Connor, that very target of both future comers, in the middle and poorly confused.

The Terminator   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Being that the concept of The Terminator machine itself came to Cameron in a fever induced nightmare gives me at least, a respect for the depths of the human psyche and for Camerons imagination.

The Terminator   3/29/14
by JayDee
While he may have directed bigger films, including the two most successful films of all time, and even won an Oscar for his work on Titanic, I personally don't think that James Cameron's direction has ever been better than here with The Terminator.

The Terminator   7/06/13
by Masterman
The Terminator is where this movie franchise all kicked of, we have had tv shows, computer games, movie merchandise, and sequels all come along over the years - but The Terminator is where it all begin.

The Terminator   5/13/11
by TylerDurden99
It's interesting to watch her character develop throughout this film and it's sequel, much to the credit of Cameron's script and Linda Hamilton, who is very good as Sarah Connor, remaining naive and innocent throughout the film.

Terminator   2/07/08
by The Gnat
Definitely not a bad film, but nothing more then a popcorn film, purely entertainment.

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