Naked   7/29/20
by Captain Spaulding
(If not for Johnny's ability to opportunistically switch on the charm, I'd call bulls**t that such a haggard individual meets multiple women willing to open their legs for him, despite the fact that he reeks of mildew, sweat and urine, his hair and coat a likely omnibus for fleas.) However, since we join that opening scene in progress devoid of context, audiences can only assume the worst.

Naked   12/15/17
by mark f
As it is, he seems there to show viewers that there are worse men than Johnny but it's a facile comparison since Jeremy is so superficial and Johnny is so complex.

Naked   2/17/16
by seanc
Regardless of how I came away from the film feeling about Johnny personally, he is a compelling character and one that I am glad I spent a couple hours with.

Naked   1/21/08
by Iroquois
Although the unforgettable feel of the film could be attributed to its verit tyle (filmed on the dodgy side of London with very rough-looking film), it could be better attributed to the protagonist himself.

Naked   3/13/05
by Tacitus
Thankfully Leigh (who also wrote the screenplay) gives the characters enough depth for the audience to care for even the unsympathetic - apart from Greg Crutwell's one-dimentional 'villianous landlord' Jeremy, though on repeated viewings I've found the character's abject nastiness to be needed in relation to making Thewlis' nihilistic Johnny a more sympathetic figure.

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